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AudioServer and HauntController Device Discovery

How to access the web configuration for your new AudioServer or HauntController device.

  1. Unpack and plug in your new HauntController or AudioServer device.  Power lights will illuminate.  Wait approximately 1 minute.
  2. Using your computer, smartphone or tablet with WiFi, connect to the network named either 'HauntController' or 'AudioServer'.  You can change the name of this network later.
  3. Once you've connected to the WiFi Network, You should now be able to access the web configuration:
    1. If you're accessing the AudioServer, it's located at http://audioserver.local
    2. If you're accessing the HauntController, it's located at http://hauntcontroller.local
  4. When prompted, enter the following username and password to access the configuration panel:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: haunt123
  5. That's it!  Use the web interface to configure your controller using our easy-to-use interface.