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Event Structure

HauntLabs Live! events are weekend long DIY make and take classes.  Divided into two days, Saturday classes typically run 4-8 hours and feature a beginner or intermediate level project, and Sunday classes are for advanced projects lasting 8 - 10 hours.  You'll make the project we've picked, and you'll learn about the design choices, why they were made, and how to build and (if necessary) program the technology to get the behavior you want from the project.  Projects are selected and announced at least a month in advance of the class, and registered attendees are given the opportunity to suggest projects for consideration.  Take one or both classes!

Basic/Intermediate projects may include things like: LED eyes, Flickering LED lanterns, Failing florescent light fixtures, candelabras, air cannons, etc.   These classes may tackle more than one project in a day, depending on project size and cost.

Advanced projects include things like: motion sensitive startle radio's, triggered video pictures/frames, small pneumatic props w/movement, etc.

Pricing Information

Basic/Intermediate classes: $149 + project materials (approx total ~$250)

Advanced classes: $249 + project materials (approx total ~$400)

Upcoming Events

January 20th & 21st, 2018: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Febuary 24th & 25th 2018: Chicago, Illinois

March 2018: No class due to Transworld

Registration for each class opens approximately 90 days before the event and links to those tickets will be published in the link above.

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