Getting Started – Beginner Makeup Series


Start at the very basics of haunted house makeup with this video.  Learn about what you need, where to get it, and how your makeup area should be setup.


About The Series: The HauntLabs Beginner Makeup Series starts at the very beginning.  Making no assumptions, this series explains and demonstrates everything you need to know to get started with makeup for haunted house operators.  Use this series to train your makeup artists, increase their skill sets, and learn the best practices for effective, fast, and amazing character makeup that will amaze and terrify your guests.

In This Video: McKayla starts at the very beginning demonstrating the basic tools and supplies you will need to get started with makeup for haunted attractions.  You will learn about what to buy, where to get it, and why the products you choose determine the end quality.   McKayla covers the typical SFX supplies you will need for most SFX looks (eg: liquid latex, scar wax, stage blood, tissues, popsicle sticks, q tips, disposable sponges, water based makeup, oil based makeup, injury makeup, brushes, prosthetics, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, stencils, water, powder, and more!)  She continues on to explain the importance of the work space, how it should be setup with lighting, mirrors, furniture, and other comforts for your actors.  Don’t skip this solid foundation of education!

About The Artist: